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My name is Celeste, but I answer to Cess, Cessy, (the "C" sounds like an "S" for those of you who reside in Seattle) and sometimes when I run my mouth too much, Sassy.  If I had to describe myself in one word it would be “Survivor”.  In the last 5 years I’ve survived two serious assassination attempts from interlopers.  One attempt from a mangy Coyote, who by the way I had on the ropes until Pete chased him away, and another attempt from a misunderstanding with a neighbor (apparently I resemble a rabbit in some folk’s eyes).  I suffered some injuries, but nothing a few drugs and stitches couldn’t fix. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the fat guy in Florida that tried to kidnap me once and even had the audacity to say he was my dad’s brother.  Now in this one case I was terrified.  I replica watches uk was sure the guy wanted to barbeque me.  I’m not sure but I think dad convinced him to get a cat...can anyone say - SUCKER! I’ve seen almost every state in the Union except for Alaska and Hawaii.  Every now and then mom gets a wild hair up her butt and we drive all the way back to God’s country (that’s North Carolina for those who are to ignorant to know any better). That’s where most of our family lives.  They’re a little kooky but, hey they’re family.


My father is my hero and I like nothing more than going on trips with him in his big truck. In truth though, I’m a momma’s girl and we do everything together.  I’m sure you can tell by the replica watches pictures that I should have been in the movies - but I would rather hang out with mom and help her with all her projects.  She normally has more ongoing projects than NASA and I play a vital part in making sure they get completed.  I usually help Pete pull security replica watches online when moms away from the house.  She doesn’t know it but I spend most of this time playing tricks on Pete.  Pete’s a great brother but he’s not what you call an "intellectual" and it’s pretty simple to get him worked up to chase some phantom squirrel or coyote. 


For those of you who are wondering who does my hair, you should visit Ms. Carol (L'il Poochies Salon).  As you can tell she does great work and glue on ear rings normally come with the packet. That’s it for now.  Mom’s coming home and I have to tell everyone within a ten square mile radius. 

I love my toys.

Merry Christmas

How could anyone possibly resist this face?

Yeah - sometimes I'm not so cute.

Me and my Daddy.

Before Mom found my hairdresser.

In Mom's flowers.

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