Like It Is Your Last Day

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At home my role is to lift, shovel, push, throw, mow, etc.. basically the muscle behind my little wife's schemes, what she likes to call projects.  At work my role is to generally recover from all my wife's schemes and chase a few bandits every now and then for God and country.

It may appear that I'm trying to expel something from my ass, but in reality I'm trying to move that wheelbarrow as fast as possible.  The race was part of competition put on by my friends at CrossFit North in 2005.


CrossFit Championship 2005


Singapore Weightlifing Club
Tan Howe Liang Olympic Silver medallist (Yellow shirt)




Cess just completed "eat shit and howling at the moon" training


Rainier Crossfit

IN Motion Fitness

Michael Yon

Tom Peters


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