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Michael's Desk

Michael came home from work one day and requested that I build a "stand-up desk" for him.  He said he would be taking command of a company soon and did not want to be sitting behind a desk.  So, I bought a few books, looked at different desks online and was caught crawling under furniture in the store more than once (I had to see how they were constructed!).  I couldn't find plans for what I wanted so I just sketched out a basic design and dove in... Here it is:


This sliding support for the fold-out writing surface can also be used as additional work surface.

The rear of the desk has a fold-out shelf to position the computer further back = more desk space.

This shows the writing surface open - see the cubbies inside?

Laptop positioned on fold-out shelf allows extra desk space.

  • The writing surface is leather purchased from a local leather shop (I think it was a belly section), dyed black and glued onto the desk. The edges are embossed --but the embossing didn't hold up to everyday use (not a good idea to use embossing paint/kit from a craft store on leather).
  • The brass rail is designed to rest one foot in order to alleviate back strain caused by standing straight for long periods - Michael refused a drafting chair.  Found it at  Luckily, they are located in Seattle so I was able to visually pick out what I needed.  Nice folks!
  • Yes...the drawers are functional.  Michael picked out the hardware - Eagles, of course (hard to tell in the photo).
  • I found the perfect stain color with the assistance of a local furniture finisher.  It is a General Finishes Oil-Based stain - mixed 2 parts "Candlelight" to 1 part "Mahogany"...or was it the other way around???...  Anyway, it is an excellent product and can be found in most woodworking shops.  By the way, the color showing in these photos isn't the true color.  I ended up using the exact stain on my sister's kitchen cabinets - those pictures show a more accurate color.

When it came time for assembly, I enlisted my wonderful husband's help.  It wasn't an easy task.  All I can say is that when it was over we were both covered in glue and closer to divorce than I ever thought possible!

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