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Will I ever update this???

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Singapore 2007
YouAreHere.JPGThis was supposed to be a daily journal of my second trip to Singapore.  Sylvia and I (yes, she went with me) intended to post daily updates.  Apparently, we didn't.  Just too busy doing nothing or too traumatized from the Asian "Squatter" toilets - who knows.  I suppose we could come back to this page and at least post photos - right Sylvia?   OK, here is one.  It is a picture of one of those traumatizing squatter toilets.  Only this is a nice one in the airport - not one of the non-flushing kind in an "outhouse" type shelter in 90+ degree humid weather. Wish I'd had the frame of mind to take a photo of the outhouse squatter toilet since a picture is worth a thousand is the smell.  I insisted Michael join me in the "outhouse" to help me hold my pants and such out of the way so I couldSquat.JPG concentrate and not pee on my shoes.
Actually, this was supposed to be for my first trip to Singapore (2006) but I obviously didn't record that one either.    
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