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It is hard for me to believe how much my life has changed since I married Michael.  And hard for me to imagine going back to the way life used to be --working long, long, long hours and not enjoying things around me.  Well, my hubby is wonderful and actually encourages me to stay at home and not work!  So, what do I do with all of that free time???? Work, of course.  But this is different.  Now I work in the yard (and on other projects, too) planting and getting dirty.  Somewhere along the way, I decided I needed a greenhouse (check it out).  Now I need a bigger one but that is another issue.  I started growing Dahlias, too.  I have so many that they needed their own page.  Here are some of my favorites items in the "garden".  Note:  Sharing is fun!  See anything that you want cuttings or seeds from?  Just let me know...
Update:  When I initially wrote this, I wasn't working (outside the home).  I'm not sure how it happened but I now have a fulltime job again.  Geez.  I had the opportunity to stay home and I blew it.   


This bed was lots of work.  Cut out the sod, haul in the dirt, plant stuff, top dressing, paint the bench.  Worth every sore muscle.



These planter boxes are all along this fence.


The greenhouse full of seedlings...


Cute little froggy.

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